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LIVE YOUR MISSION | #015: Sugar-free gum that gives back? Tyler Merrick made it happen!

LIVE YOUR MISSION | #015: Sugar-free gum that gives back? Tyler Merrick made it happen!

This week Peter talks with Tyler Merrick, founder of a chewing gum company, "Project7" which gives back to 7 areas of need: Healing the sick, saving the Earth, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, quenching the thirsty, teaching the misfortunate, and hoping for peace. Listen to why you should approach growing your business through "chapters", learn to throw ego out of the window, and focus on adapting to the rapidly-changing markets. Tyler agrees that success means winning everywhere... even if a bag of Carolina Reaper tries to defeat you!

Time Stamps
(0:00) Welcome to the Live Your Mission show!
(0:44) Mission Meats presents: The Beef + Veggie strip
(2:15) Intro to our conversation with Tyler Merrick
(4:43) Welcome to the show, Tyler!
(4:58) Tyler’s mission
(8:26) Reflecting on the “Seven”
(14:12) Spreading yourself too thin + the shiny-object syndrome
(17:55) Looking at your brand as “Chapters”
(23:03) You need to win, everywhere…
(24:40) Unexpected surprises… Love/hate relationship with your product
(30:46) Boredom: The origin of chewing gum, followed by other inventions
(37:00) The rise of birthday-cake flavored gum
(38:13) “Ego is the Enemy” // Being okay with being wrong
(39:40) Successful team collaboration = transparency, with a shared mindset
(41:58) “It was good while it lasted…” // Being able to adapt
(49:22) Is it possible to “persevere too long?”
(52:47) The “lazy” factor
(54:43) Team size doesn’t matter! // Pluses and minuses
(59:54) Solid advice for fellow retail entrepreneurs: “Build, build, build!”
House Shoes Mentioned:  https://www.glerups.com/

Where to find Tyler:

IG: @project7

How to nominate someone for Live Your Mission feature

  • Post on social using #LIVEYOURMISSION and share with us who you want to nominate (or yourself) thats living out their mission to the fullest!
  • You can also email nominations into mission@missionmeats.co

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