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Mission Meats Partners with South County Outreach

Why do we love South County Outreach?


A Great Story on How South County Outreach Makes a Difference

Becky's Story

I moved to Orange County from San Francisco with my son who was six at the time and my fiancée of five years when he got a great job offer and we relocated our entire lives here.

Not even two years after moving, our relationship abruptly ended and I found myself homeless with no money. I did not work while we were together because he liked me being at home. So, here I was homeless, no money, no family in the area, no car and a broken heart. I was absolutely lost.

My first challenge was obtaining my own vehicle. A friend sold me one at an extremely fair price and I quickly got a job at Starbucks. My second challenge was feeding myself and my son. I had never used any type of assistance before but I put my pride aside and did what I needed to do.




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