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Mission Meats Partners with Perspectives Minnesota

Mission Meats is proud to announce our new mission partner: Perspectives Minnesota.  

Why do we love Perspectives?

Perspectives is Minnesota’s largest therapeutic supportive housing program for women and children who have experienced long-term trauma through addiction, homelessness, mental illness and poverty. Perspectives systematically addresses the growing need for early intervention programming for children, while providing comprehensive services for mothers.

Perspectives' programs help recovering, homeless mothers and their children in establishing healthy lifestyles through a holistic, trauma-informed model. This includes moving families into fully furnished apartments. Specialized programs are designed to assist mothers in maintaining their sobriety, stabilizing their mental health, and increasing their awareness about nutrition. Employment counseling helps women secure employment and parenting skills-building is designed to reunite women with their children, in cases where social services has assumed custody of their offspring. Perspectives children’s services include a year round academic/social enrichment program and the Kids Cafe nutrition program.

What makes Perspectives so effective?

Perspectives realized early that there was a gap in services around the mental health issues that caused the addiction many of the women they served suffered from.  By creating a safe nurturing environment with mental health services, the women they serve are able to rebuild their lives. 



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