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LYM #017: How to un-stifle your creativity with expert Nate Spees

LYM #017: How to un-stifle your creativity with expert Nate Spees

This week Peter chats with Nate Spees, CEO of Grizzly, a company that is a creative agency that combines strategy, design, technology, and storytelling to build adventurous brands. Listen as Nate discusses the importance of being nimble and being able to regularly adjust your approach no matter the size of your business. Nate also provides excellent actionable  advice for boosting creativity! Stick around for the reaper round where Nate gets slightly dazed from the heat…but still eats the whole bag!

Time Stamps

(0:00) Welcome to the Live Your Mission show!
(0:15) Mission Meats announcement: Have you signed up for our Superfans Program yet?
(2:21) Intro to our conversation with Nate Spees
(4:25) Welcome to the show, Nate!
(4:47) Nate’s current mission
(5:36) The importance of creativity in the business world
(7:28) Why brands should prioritize creativity more
(10:37) Grizzly’s core components of an “Adventurous brand”
(16:02) Foundation first: Establishing your brand’s roots before the creation
(18:56) Practical tips for your execution
(21:52) Why “Shiny object syndrome” is one of your biggest obstacles
(23:00) The core of brand-customer disconnection
(24:56) Creativity is for EVERYONE // Fine-tuning your environment!
(30:00) Be mildly, perpetually, optimistic
(51:42) Thanks for tuning in!

Books Mentioned in this episode:

Creative Confidence  
Atomic Habits

Where to find Nate:


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