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LIVE YOUR MISSION: #017: Michael Hsu, Founder of DeepSky wants to help you be happy and rich!

LIVE YOUR MISSION: #017: Michael Hsu, Founder of DeepSky wants to help you be happy and rich!

In this weeks episode, Peter chats with Michael Hsu, CEO & Founder of DeepSky. A company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow profitably by focusing on processes and key performance indicators (KPIs). His mission: happiness. Not only to be happy himself, but to help those around him strive for it as well. Listen as Peter and Michael discuss the importance of living the life you want and not putting off “life” until later, and why staying on a “path of purpose” is better than standing still. Stick around for the Reaper Round where Michael breaks a sweat in the first bite! 

Time Stamps

(0:00) Welcome to the Live Your Mission show!
(0:16) Mission Meats presents: The Superfan club!
(2:01) Intro to our conversation with Michael Hsu
(4:56) Welcome to the show, Michael!
(5:44) Michael’s current mission // The pursuit of happiness
(7:50) “Today is the day” to do the things you’ve always wanted to do
(12:01) Michael’s 5-step “Measure and Hack” system
(15:50) The 90% if work that you don’t see…
(18:40) How great systems will allow you to breathe better
and avoid drowning in numbers
(23:25) Why entrepreneurs and founders are bad at numbers // “Bad data”
(27:25) The entrepreneur’s dilemma: Basking in growth
(30:20) The element of time // “Micro-hustle, macro-patience”
(33:18) Society’s misconceptions about wealth and happiness
(35:06) The “Me-triangle”: Personal, Relationships, Business
(39:55) If your excuse is because “life happens”, you’re lying to yourself.
(40:57) Surprises along Michael’s journey
(43:35) FREEDOM // “Today is the first day of the rest o your life”
(47:41) Take action: Write down what’s most important to you? Find out where you spend the most of your time.
(49:41) What Michael would’ve done differently, knowing what he knows now. // Being more bold
(54:09) Focusing on what works >>
(58:40) “Pay five guys the salary of eight people, and they will do the work of fifteen”
(1:14:27) Thanks for tuning in!

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Where to find Michael:

Find him on Instagram here: @wmichaelhsu
Visit DeepSky website here: https://www.deepsky.co/
Check out his YouTube channel here

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