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LIVE YOUR MISSION | #002: How to become Unstoppable with David Hauser, Author of Unstoppable

In this weeks episode, Peter talks with Unstoppable author David Hauser on how he has applied an "Optimization Mindset" to all parts of life, shares attainable lifestyle changes that worked for him, and why waking early is the best way to start your day, plus how his routine keeps him focused. Stick around to see David sweat through the Reaper Round where he questions why on earth we'd make this hot of a jerky and talks about getting rid of his microwave!

Time Stamps

  1. (0:00) Welcome David Hauser // Mission Meats announcements
  2. (5:50) David’s background and Grasshopper
  3. (7:36) The “Optimization Mindset”
  4. (8:36) Image and branding vs. A successful conversion
  5. (10:36) David + HEALTH
  6. (12:54) Society’s health advice isn’t for everyone.
  7. (14:49) David’s book, “Unstoppable”
  8. (16:01) Unexpected breakthroughs
  9. (18:02) Acknowledging your “blind spots”
  10. (21:11) How to monitor your health and sleep patterns
  11. (22:58) How David would've altered his past actions
  12. (24:20) How to begin your journey of transformation // Habit transformation
  13. (27:42) Peter’s experience with a water-only fast
  14. (29:00) How to flip-the-switch: Making a big change with your diet
  15. (30:33) THE REAPER ROUND
  16. (52:52) Thanks for tuning in!

Additional Guest Information

You can find more about David at davidhauser.com where you can sign up for his daily email! To get a copy of Unstoppable by David Hauser, check his book out on amazon here: unstoppablebook.com
As a special thank you for tuning in, David is offering a discount off your next order at superfat.com! Amazing keto nut butters you can take anywhere. Use code MISSION10 at checkout.
You can follow David on Twitter @dh

Books Mentioned in this episode:

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
The Evolution of Everything by Matt Ridley
Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker

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