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#feedyourmission with Dr. B from The Neuro Lifestyle

#feedyourmission with Dr. B from The Neuro Lifestyle

Good Morning Keto fam!


Next up on #feedyourmission, Dr. B from The Neuro Lifestyle


Q: How long have you been on a keto diet?

A:  I’ve been doing Keto for over 2 years now.

Q: What first sparked your interest in Keto, and how long did it take you to fully make the diet switch?

A: I first got interested in keto through intermittent fasting. I discovered part of the reason I felt so great while I was fasting was because my body was in ketosis. The problem was that every time I went to eat my normal meals usually including some carbohydrates, I would kick myself out of ketosis (unknowingly), and would feel my energy tank. It took me a few months before I discovered that I could keep myself feeling amazing by simply following the Ketogenic Diet for my meals. It worked like a charm and I’ve never looked back!

Q: How has switching to Keto made you feel: Physically? Mentally?

A: Physically: My recovery from workouts has tremendously improved. I have also noticed a substantial increase in my physical endurance. I am now able to train harder and longer while simultaneously being able to recover quicker!

Mentally: This is what really got me hooked. Ever since jumping onboard with keto, my brain power has gone through the roof. I can concentrate easier, stay productive throughout the day, and have lasting energy that allows me to do the things I love and build my businesses!

Q: Tips for pushing through the "plateaus"?

A: If you find yourself hitting a “plateau” my simplest advice is to “Do Different”. Try a new workout routine, try new recipes, or try new keto supplements. Sometimes those slight changes and switches make all the difference in not only your motivation but your results as well.

Q: You say you typically eat the same thing for lunch everyday, why is that/what benefits have you experienced?

A:  I like to eat the same thing everyday because that type of routine works for me. I would hate trying a new meal that drained my energy and left me playing catch up all afternoon. After experimenting with tons of recipes, I know what allows me to keep my energy consistently high. It allows me to be able to consistently depend on food to give me the energy I need to stay productive and energized. I love to cook so I save my new recipes and tests for over the weekend when my time and energy can be more flexible. You need to spice things up every so often.

Q: What made you take the leap towards buildings your own keto-focused community?

A:  This lifestyle made such a huge impact on me and I realized there were many people who would try Keto, yet make some pretty critical mistakes that would keep them from actually experiencing the benefits the diet has to offer. I would see posts with “#keto” and yes, they were categorized as “keto” but are not great for your health or weight loss. I would post a few helpful videos and get flooded with messages and questions asking more about my approach, so I decided to make a course and create a community where people can get direct access to me and others for support and guidance along the way.



Thanks for reading, folks! You can find more on Dr. B and his "Brain Hack" Program here. And of course, questions are always appreciated! 

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